D A BlankinshipPhontaine’s Gifts - The Survival Legacy was a labor of love. It is an apocalyptic tale; it is the story of the end of civilization and it is the assurance we can survive.

I don’t believe “Mad Max” characters will ever dominate the country after an apocalyptic event: that’s Hollywood hype. I’ve been to post-apocalyptic lands where people are coping with massive devastation: where water is scarce and nothing grows. I’ve walked the farms in Ethiopia and I have seen drip irrigation fields, cactus gardens, and biogas digesters that support food production.

I know what bright and determined people can do under the worst of circumstances. Phontaine’s Gifts was inspired by the successes I have seen in Ethiopia and it is a tribute to developing countries everywhere.

For all we know, being a developed country is only a short-lived privilege before the Earth shuffles the cards and chooses new winners and losers.

Enjoy the story,
D. A. Blankinship

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