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Newton and Maggie are brilliant, wealthy, and weird. They know the Earth is treacherous; it can destroy civilizations—it has happened before. Fortunately, they have a survival plan. Cynthia was in college when she met Newton. She never dreamt she would see the end, but she has and she can save her brother and his family. Mike and Amy were caught unawares. Mike manages a supermarket and falls victim to the ruthless search for food as people scurry across the land. Many deny it is happening, many discover they are not prepared, and a few survive because of Phontaine’s Gifts.

Survival is an Option

Phontaine's Gifts - The Survival Legacy is the story of Newton Phontaine and Maggie Nevin. Newton was a brilliant visionary and a little weird. He knew the time would come when the Earth experienced apocalyptic destruction; it has happened before and Newton knows the Earth is a risky place to live. Fortunately, he had a plan to help the survivors as much as possible and ensure the continuation of civilization after the apocalyptic events.

Cynthia Nelson was a college student when she started working for Newton; she never dreamt she would live to see apocalyptic destruction; but she did. As it approached, she was determined to save her brother, his ex-wife, and their five sons from certain death.

Mike and Amy Williams were caught unawares. Mike managed a grocery store. Amy worked as a dental hygienist. Mike fell victim to the relentless search for food as people crossed the country like Army ants. Mike and Amy knew they must escape to save their children from the inevitable crush of frantic, selfish people. They had to find a safe haven, but they did not expect to get the help they received.

Many people refused to believe it was happening, many discovered they were not prepared, and a few survived because of Phontaine’s Gifts.

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