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Wallpaper Quotations

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When a wonderful dog befriends you, you begin to see all other dogs as they really are: extraordinary.


A great book is a captivating adventure.

It is a vacation for your mind.

It whisks you away from the mundane to experience new places and meet fascinating people; it is a journey without distance that begins and ends at your command.


Books are the second greatest power in the universe. Books are the ideas we choose to preserve. When we tell stories or read stories, we pass through all the defenses we erect to avoid new ideas. Speculative fiction explores life’s possibilities, through it we discover our potential and soar to the heights of a civilized society, no matter how primitive it is in reality.


knowing the future can make the present even more entertaining


Reading plays out the drama on the landscape of your mind with your most private images.


When I was nine years old, "The Sign of the Crooked Arrow" introduced me to obsession. I started reading it and within the first few pages, I knew I had to know what was going to happen next! I discovered the stunning power of a book that is so good that it creates an overwhelming compulsion to read it, even to the point of taking risks.


A well-written story invites the reader to co-construct the experience with the author. ... If I do it right, the reader will have vivid recollections of the story that I didn’t write.


We are all one with the sacred, loving, and beneficent center of boundless merciful love; but, sometimes we get distracted, forget who we are, and think we are just a bunch of insignificant critters wandering aimlessly on an indifferent planet.


We are eternal and the universe is temporary.