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D. A. BlankinshipMeet D. A. Blankinship

Blankinship writes about fascinating people facing life-changing decisions.

Readers Enjoy His Books

On-line book stores, reading networks, and professional book reviewers. have published more than 50 reviews of Blankinship's novels and short stories. More than 90% of the readers award four or more stars to his books. He is a well-respected author, who writes entertaining stories.

In Phontaine’s Gifts, he explores the terrible reality of entrusting our most precious information to cyberspace and he reveals the drama of modern civilization in collapse during global cataclysms.

In The Scoloderus Conspiracy, he show us the arrogance and vulnerability of big government and how fragile our grasp on reality is and how easily anyone can be deceived. Blankinship writes about the illusion of control and how quickly it can vanish.

In the Woodcliff Anthology, his short stories delve into the importance of forgiveness, the futility of revenge, life in the here-after, and the power of the unseen. Blankinship's tales leave you with something to be considered, with a twist on an old problem or a new way to look at our lives.

phontaine's gifts scoloderus conspiracy woodcliff anthology

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